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  • This currency and language converter works in the following way:

    • 1. In the first table, select source data and click save.
    • 2. If another table (number of characters) pops up, select value you need or leave it empty.
    • 3. In the following table select data you would like to convert and click save.
    • 4. In order to get result, click CONVERT.

    If a value is irrelevant to your calculations, leave it blank.

    For further information, take a look at the bottom of the page.

    Convert words to pages,
    pages to words, sheets, lines
    or characters.
    Convert currencies,
    source and target text lenghts.
    For free!
    Select source data, then click SAVE

    Source currency:

    Source language:

    Source unit:

    unit price
    number of units

    If you are a freelance translator,
    an editor, a project manager;
    if you work in a translation agency
    or a publishing house;
    or if you simply want
    to convert the price per word in Thai
    baht into the price per page
    of 1,800 characters in USD or EUR,
    this is the tool for you!
    Select target data, then click SAVE

    Target currency:

    Target language:

    Target unit:

    The above calculator was created and is distributed free of charge by Diuna Translation Agency.
    It's aim is to present estimates, which can be used for any purpose,
    however, Diuna Translation Agency will not be responsible for any mistakes
    or potential claims related to the calculations made with its help.

    The data regarding the number of characters in a word were taken from the following table:

    Currency rates were taken from the following website: